Wealthy businessman stabbed wife to death in jealous rage moments after having sex at lavish Spanish villa

by San Eli News
Wealthy businessman stabbed wife to death in jealous rage moments after having sex at lavish Spanish villa

A wealthy businessman reportedly stabbed his wife to death in a frenzied knife attack just moments after having sex, fearing she was going to leave him for somebody else. 56-year-old Geoffrey Elton first attempted to suffocate and strangle Gloria Tornay after the bedroom romp, but she somehow managed to break free from his grip, prosecutors allege. He then chased her through their £450,000 ($587,000) residence in Spain with a kitchen knife before ultimately stabbing her 11 times in the March 9, 2019 incident. The Sun reported how Elton had tried to kill himself as well but was saved by medics. Authorities found him soaked in blood next to the body of his Spanish born wife. They also claimed Elton had told their 15-year-od son to leave and shut off the power at the Estepona villa, even throwing cell phones away to slow any emergency response.

Details of the case were made public only after the Brit was recently charged with murder, after having been remanded in custody since his wife’s death. The satellite TV businessman allegedly erupted after learning that his 58-year-old wife had been planning to leave him, Spanish prosecutors claim. The mother-of-two had alcohol, methadone and morphine in her system when she was attacked, per the report.

If found guilty, prosecutors are seeking a 14-year sentence for Elton as well as £180,000 ($234,800) in compensation for her children. “With the obvious intention of ending her life after having sex with her in their bedroom, suddenly and totally unexpectedly he hit her in the face as he put his hand over her mouth to suffocate her,” prosecutors stated in an indictment ahead of the trial. “He then proceeded to strangle her and when he wasn’t able to… used a 5.7-inch kitchen knife to stab her 11 times.” Elton ran a satellite dish installation firm before retiring at 50, and also had a holiday home in Florida. Gloria, from Montejaque, Spain, had been planning to leave him, her pals said. One acquaintance reportedly alleged that Elton had become “increasingly paranoid” and reclusive of late, even suspecting his family of spying on him. But just days before the horrifying episode, a relative reported shared a photo on social media in which Elton smiled as he embraced Gloria at a beach bar. According to the report, prosecutors are not seeking a life sentence in light of a rare mental disorder that led Elton to “suffering delusions.” A trial date is yet to be announced.

Last month, MEAWW reported how a Tinder date turned into a nightmare after a man was beaten and stabbed to death during sex by a couple in Indonesia. Police said the suspects later chopped the body of the victim — identified as Rinaldi Harley Wismanu — into eleven pieces and stole over $6,000 from his person. The remains of the 32-year-old were found wrapped in plastic bags and hid inside suitcases in Jakarta.

Following the grisly discovery, police arrested a couple identified by their initials DAF, aged 26, and 27-year-old LAS, in connection to the murder. Authorities believe DAF entered a rented apartment before Wismanu and LAS and was hiding in the bathroom. As the victim and the 27-year-old started to have sex, DAF attacked him and “hit the victim with a brick three times, then he stabbed him seven times until he died,” Jakarta Metro Police Chief Nana Sudjana told local media.

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