“We still love our son”- Chris Watts’ Parents Still Loyal to Their Son Despite Gruesome Murders

The Netflix documentary “American Murder: The Family Next Door,” sparked fervent interest in the 2018 grim murder case of Chris Watts. The documentary delved deeper into the cracks in the marriage of Watts to his pregnant wife, Shannan.
The culminating issues in their marriage, along with Chris’ infidelity and pyschopathic tendencies, ended in tragedy in the early morning of August 13, 2018.
Shannan, her unborn baby Nico, along with her two kids, Bella, 4, and Cece, 3, were murdered in cold-blood by Chris.
Photo: The Sun
The Netflix original showed Shannan’s exact text messages, which paints their ‘picture-perfect’ marriage in a different light.
Weeks before the murders, Shannan was already suffering from Chris’ cold attitude. During that time, Chris was already head over heels with his mistress, Nichol Kessinger.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Chris’ parents, Cindy, 64, and Ronnie, 63, denied allegations that their son has already watched the Netflix documentary.
Cindy, who is still reeling form the loss of her two granddaughters and one unborn grandson, claimed that it pained them to see their private videos in the program.
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Photo: The Sun
“Ronnie and I watched it on Saturday night. I was shocked to see videos that I thought were private of Shannan and the kids, showing me on the slip and slide in the backyard.
“There are things that are private, everything doesn’t have to be documented. I would have preferred those not to be in there, but they were, and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

In November 6, 2018, Chris Watts pleaded guilty to multiple counts of first-degree murder, including that of his unborn son Nico. He was sentenced to five life sentences without the possibility of parole.
His father, Ronnie, stood by their son and expressed their love for Chris despite what he’s done.
Photo: Youtube/CBS News
“He’s taking it one day at a time, just like we are. We still love our son no matter what and we miss our grandbabies. We’re trying to move forward but it’s a very hard task.”
Chris Watts is currently serving his sentence in Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin.
In a recent letter, Chris claimed that if ever given the chance of freedom, he would like to become a minister for other inmates.
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