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Watch What Happens When A Murder Hornet Goes Against A Praying Mantis



Although it might be called the murder hornet, this beast, which is the largest hornet in the world, doesn’t stand a chance against one common enemy. Even while the world is reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, people were unable to turn away from this alarming footage of a murder hornet going toe-to-toe with a praying mantis. Because the hornet is about two inches long, which is big enough to scare the living daylights out of half of all Americans, people were delighted to see that even a beast nicknamed the murder hornet could meet its match against the common praying mantis.

A murder hornet is a killing machine. Its jaws are ferocious and powerful. But its sting can be deadly. The venom contained in it contains a deadly neurotoxin that has the power to kill up to fifty people per year. And while most bees can only sting once and then they die, the murder hornet can sting again and again, making it even more dangerous and deadly. If you have a sensitivity or an allergy to its venom, then you could easily die.
It was not long ago now when the murder hornet burst onto the internet scene with video footage showing it killing a mouse. That’s right. This hornet is powerful enough to kill a mouse, which should worry you. Not only is the mouse a mammal with a beating heart, but it is also much larger than the murder hornet. Nevertheless, the flying insect had enough power in its two-inch body to end the mouse’s life.
While many Americans call this beast the murder hornet, it’s true name is “Asian Giant Hornet.” The insect earned its killer nickname after it was discovered in parts of Japan. Now the giant hornet is spreading across North America – and may soon be invading your community.
However, there are some creatures capable of turning the murder hornet into lunch. And the praying mantis is one of those. Because the murder hornet is on someone else’s menu, its explosive population growth can be checked and kept in line. This means that so long as praying mantises do not go extinct due to climate change, the murder hornet will always have a rival capable of doing to it what it hopes to do to everything it inserts its stinger into.

Footage of this animal battle was uploaded to YouTube and attracted more than a million views in a matter of days. People are very interested in seeing the murder hornet meet its match in the form of a praying mantis.
People shared hundred of comments about the footage, including the following ones.
“If anyone kills a praying mantis,  it should be considered a felony.”
“The mantis can hunt small birds and frogs, so this isn’t surprising.”

“If you are freaking out right now about the Murder Hornets in the US… Don’t be afraid of the mantis… they are our friends in this situation and don’t have a venomous sting or bite.”
One fan wanted to leave you with a business opportunity: “We need to breed more mantises. They’re our only hope.”
What do you think about the footage?

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32-year-old Texas mom arrested for forcing herself on her 12-year-old son



A Texas mother, Brittany Rouleau was arrested as she ordered her little boy of mere 12-year-old to strip naked inside their Wichita Falls home in 2018 before raping him. She is now being held at the Wichita County Jail on a $100,000 bond and has been charged with aggravated sexual assault on Saturday.

According to the reports, the 34-year-old mother attacked her son after questioning him about masturbation while she was undressing and the boy had just gotten out of the shower. The boy told the investigators that he was sitting on the bed that they both shared when his mom entered the room. Rouleau then began taking her clothes off and also ordered the little boy to do the same.

The son said that he raped him in their shared bed and then told him to clean himself up. The boy then reportedly went to sleep on the couch and also informed his mother that whatever happened between them genuinely felt wrong. However, the mom replied that it is likely for him to get into trouble as he accepted what just happened.

According to reports, Rouleau then warned the victim to not share the news with anyone else. After two years of this incident, the son confessed to another adult who cares for him and then he was brought to the police by his guardian. The boy again repeated the allegations when he was taken to Patsy’s House Child Advocacy and shortly afterwards Rouleau was then arrested.

She later denied any sexual intercourse with the victim but eventually admitted the fact that she had sex with him.

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Beaumont, Texas | A morgue worker in the Jefferson County morgue has been pronounced dead this morning after being accidentally cremated by one of his coworkers.

While he was sleeping, another employee mistook him for the corpse of a 52-year-old car accident victim and carried him to the crematory.

Before anyone could notice the mistake, he had already been exposed to temperatures ranging between 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and reduced to ashes.
Jenna Davis, one of Henri Johnson’s coworkers, says she heard him scream for about 15 seconds after the crematory was activated.

Ms. Davis claims that the young coworker who caused the accident was a new employee and had forgotten to check for the toe tag to make sure he had the right body.

Jenna Davis says she heard the victim scream in agony as the crematory was reducing him to ashes.

The police have opened an investigation to determine the exact circumstances surrounding Mr. Johnson’s death.

Investigators have not ruled out the possibility of filing criminal charges against the employee who caused his death.

The young man could possibly be accused of criminal negligence causing death.

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Arkansas Woman Arrested After Raping a 14-Year-Old Boy



A woman from Arkansas has been arrested for allegedly having sexual relations with a 14-year-old boy. The suspect was busted after the boy’s parents caught her forcing herself to have sex on their son.

According to Jonesboro Police Department, the suspect, Mallory Brooke Manley, is facing multiple counts of rape and internet stalking of a child, as reported by Kait 8 News.

Suspect allegedly stalked teen online

The parents of the 14-year-old boy had caught 25-year-old Mallory Brooke Manley from Jonesboro and their son having sex.

After the discovery, the two were immediately subject to investigation. Investigators questioned the underage boy and Manley to figure out how long the abuse has been going on.

The victim told the investigators that both he and Manley had were involved in sexual acts for five to six times.

Photo: Jonesboro Police Department

However, the statement of the boy and from the 25-year-old suspect did not match. According to Manley, the two of them had sex at least 10 times. Investigators also discovered that she had been stalking the teen online.

On October 25, Manley was arrested by the police along with  JPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Division. The ground for her arrest was a rape case. The suspect is currently in the custody of the Craighead County Jail according to News4 San Antonio.

A bond amounting to $250,000 is set on Friday for Mallory Brooke Manley. She will be facing court on November 24.

A Similar Case

In a similar case that occurred this year, a 20-year-old woman was also arrested for raping an underage boy. She was sentenced to spend eight months in prison for the case of second-degree rape of a minor.

However, she will be sentenced to 78 months of jail time if she does not obey the orders of law enforcement authorities.

Similar to the case of Manley, the 20-year-old woman also conducted sexual acts with a minor age 13 years old on multiple occasions. The suspect admitted to the crime she committed.

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