Watch: Pet Dog Tries to Wake up Cat Who Died in Road Accident in Viral Video

Adog tried to save his cat-friend after the latter was struck in a road accident. Even though dogs and cats are through to be sworn enemies, this incidents shows that empathy and sympathy can cross all barriers. The heart-breaking moment was caught on camera in China.

The dog called Black Panther stayed in the middle of the road amidst oncoming traffic while his feline acquaintance laid on the road, dead. In the video, he can be seen desperately pawing at the corpse and then nudging it with his snout- all in an attempt to wake up the cat. Whenever a car comes around, he nudges the corpse to the left or right to avoid getting hit once again.

The cat, called Moggie, was allegedly hit by a speeding vehicle and then left right there in the middle of the road on the night of October 28 in Guangyuan in Sichuan Province, in South-Western China. The video uploader, Wang Xiaolong, told the media that the cat was already hit (and probably dead) when the dog spotted it.

According to a report in Daily Mail, Wang was on his way back home when, at around 7 pm, he came across the heart-breaking incident and slowed his car and ultimately stopped to help. The video went viral on a Chinese video-sharing app Douyin. People were moved by the dog sniffing and trying to revive his dead mate.

“At first, the dog used its mouth and one leg to try to wake up the cat so [the cat] could leave the busy road and avoid being run over again. After it failed, it was so desperate it used both of his forelegs to try to carry the cat,” said Wang. Ultimately, he used his mouth and forelimbs to drag the cat to the side of the road, away from all the vehicles, said Wang.

The dog’s owner said when Black Panther was taken back to the site of the accident, they discovered that she had been buried. He allegedly would not stop looking for the departed cat.

The owner explained that Black Panther was used to taking his evening walks around the neighbourhood by himself, which is why the owner wasn’t present at the site. He found out about his dog’s heroism after watching it on social media.