Watch as Teen Double Amputee Overcomes His Fear and Completes 20″ Box Jump During Workout

by San Eli News
Watch as Teen Double Amputee Overcomes His Fear and Completes 20″ Box Jump During Workout

A video of a teenager named Tim conquering his fear is going viral.

As Prevention reports, Tim is a double amputee. In the video, the teen was working out with an organization called NubAbility Athletics Foundation. According to the foundation’s website, it “exists to encourage, inspire, instruct limb different youth (congenital or traumatic amputees) by getting them out of the stands, off the bench and into mainstream sports.”

And that’s exactly what the volunteers at NubAbility Athletics did for Tim.

As the video shows, Tim was attempting to complete a 20-inch box jump successfully.

Initially, Tim was apprehensive about the jump and failed to complete it during his first couple attempts. But with encouragement from those around him, Tim gave it one last shot.

And he succeeded, causing Tim to breakdown into tears.

Brad Vinyard, an Invictus Powerlifting Sponsored Athlete who was the first to share the video and who is an amputee himself, called Tim’s success “one of my favorite moments from camp”:

One of my favorite moments from camp. This is our buddy Tim overcoming his fears and self-doubt and landing a 20” box jump. If you have not heard of Nubability Athletics and its founder, Sam Kuhnert, check them out. They are making a difference in the lives of countless families. I am thankful to be a part of the Nubability family!

And thousands of people praised Tim for not giving up and conquering his self-doubt.

Many wrote in the comments section:

Well done Tim! [You’re] awesome… Had a wee cry at the end there with you buddy… Very inspirational

Tim you have been told countless times by [now] but thank you for a little light [of] inspiration when times seem hard it’s videos of people like you that reminds me not to get lazy and chase your goals because the accomplishment feeling of gratification is the only high we should all be chasing.

As the founder of the camp Sam Kuhnert wrote in response to Vinyard’s video, Tim “has been coming to camp since he was a youngin.”