Waitress Gets A $4,000 Tip, But The Restaurant Refuses To Pay It

For months, Denny’s has been refusing to give Shikira Edwards a tip she received while on the job. Although a customer wanted to give her a generous gift of $4,000 as a tip for her service, the restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, refused to hand over the large sum of cash that she earned in February. Although the $4,000 tip is much larger than most tips servers at Denny’s received while working the floor, Edwards claimed that she received it in good faith, but the store nabbed it from her despite the customer’s intentions.

When Edwards received the tip, it was a shock. Over the years, AWM has reported on numerous incidents when kind-hearted servers at restaurants have received large tips from generous customers. Sometimes these customers give a big tip to help support a single mother or a young person trying to pay their way through college. In Edwards’s case, she did not know the person who gave her a massive tip – it took her by surprise.

Because Edwards was flabbergasted at receiving such a generous tip for her service at the diner, her manager refused to hand it over. Instead of trusting her, the manager gave her extra work – telling her to spend her free time tracking down the person who gave her a tip to make sure it was not a mistake.

Edwards told Fox 13: “You’re going to tell me that it’s my fault that I didn’t get the information on a customer when they left and tipped me. I don’t know who tipped me.”

Since the customer had given her the tip to support her life – the Memphis diner does not pay Edwards a livable wage – she was overjoyed. It was as if she had won a jackpot in the Tennessee lottery. All she had to do was cash in her winning ticket. But in this instance, the manager of her Denny’s location refused to trust her and held onto the money for himself.

Let me share some background about Shikira Edwards. She’s a hard-working woman. Besides waiting tables at Denny’s, she has been putting herself through dental school for the last three years. Few people work as hard as Edwards does, and maybe that made her manager jealous.

Now, she will be filling a lawsuit against Denny’s restaurant if she does not receive the tip that she earned while on the job.

However, Denny’s told Daily Mail that they “conducted a thorough investigation into this matter and has discovered the tip in question was made in error.”

Was the money refund to the customer, or did it go straight into the diner’s coffers?

A corporate spokesperson of Denny’s released a statement:

“It was ultimately determined that the guest, who is elderly and unfamiliar with the debit system used at this location, entered a tip amount of $4,451.61 when he intended to leave a $4 tip on his bill. Denny’s would like to make it clear that we would never withhold tips or wages from any of our employees. However, Denny’s also has an obligation to ensure that our guests are charged the proper amount for their meals. In this case, Denny’s was obliged to investigate and verify the guest did, in fact, intend to leave such a large tip.”

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