Virginia woman arrested for fatally stabbing and killing her 73-year-old mother

The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office reported that a woman had been arrested for stabbing her 73-year-old mother to death on Monday in their home at Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Sophie Rumuly was found in her home, with multiple stab wounds on her body, by her husband. Deputies from the Sheriff’s office were called in for an unresponsive woman to a home at Plantation Forest Drive, on the 6400 block. The suspect, Lisa Anne Harmon, also known as Lisa Anne Hughes, (57) was also in the house at the time. Reportedly, she lived with her mother.

The police identified Harmon as the person responsible for her mother’s murder and arrested her. She has been charged with 2nd degree murder and is being held at Rappahannock Regional Jail, without bond.

The authorities have not yet been able to discover the motive behind the murder and what caused Harmon to stab Rumuly.

Sheriff Harris expressed his deepest sympathies for the bereaved family and claimed to be extremely saddened over the tragic incident.

The police are still investigating the incident. Very little information has been released to the public by the authorities. The details of the homicide and the relationship between Sophie Rumuly and Lisa Anne Harmon are not yet known.