Viral Video Shows Huge Gator Invasion In Florida, But Some Don’t Think It’s Real.

A gigantic alligator was caught walking across a Florida golf course. The massive reptile, which some people have dubbed “Godzilla,” was caught on camera by golfer Jeff Jones at Valencia Golf and Country Club in Naples. He happened to be on the course while the gator was laying claim to the area as Hurricane Eta bombarded the region and temporarily altered the habitat of the alligator.

Footage of the giant alligator shows it walking across the fairway of the golf course before diving into a nearby lake. Some viewers were so surprised to see such a massive creature along the Florida golf course that they questioned whether or not they saw footage from Jurassic Park or another such fantasy land.

In the footage, one golf can her beard crying, “Holy … This guy out for a stroll – oh, my God!”

Thankfully, Jones was in a golf cart and was able to make a getaway from the gator if it decided to charge him and his companion.

Florida has more than a million alligators living in the state. According to statistics from the Florida Fish and Wildlife organization, there are an estimated 1.3 million alligators in the state. The largest alligator ever captured in Florida measured 17.4 feet long.

Although the exact size of this alligator is not known, viewers fear it is one of the bigger ones in the state. They were quick to point out how terrified they were at seeing the footage. Almost every comment shared on the social media platform expressed terror and horror at seeing such a large gator making itself comfortable at one of Florida’s many golf courses.

“That is Godzilla that is not a gator,” wrote a shocked Alex Hoffman.

Josh Helmuth insisted, “That’s no gator,” instead claiming that what he saw in the video was a “walking, living dinosaur.”

Another user wrote: “That thing didn’t just survive the meteorite 65 million years ago. It rose up and headed it top corner.”

Another person, who claimed to have lived in Florida all his life, wrote: “Holy s**t … I’ve seen a few gators in my time, but never one that big. His tail alone most weighs 100 pounds.”

While the overall size of the gator scared most people, Liz Dueweke could not get over how big the gator’s legs were, writing: “Can someone from Florida explain to me why its legs are so long? I thought gators had itty bitty legs.”

Many people could not hide their fear despite being on the other side of a computer screen from the massive predator.

“How fast can an alligator run?” wrote a terrified Bill Wong. “Asking for a friend.”

“The real question is,” someone responded, “Who is faster, you or your’ friend.’”

On Daily Mail, hundreds of concerned readers shared comments.

“What a majestic creature. I have never seen one so tall. Get out of his way, and you’ll be OK. I hope no one tries to hurt him.”

“It’s unusual to see the gator’s legs so long and the body so high off the ground. So odd to watch.”

What is your reaction to this massive alligator near Naples, Florida?

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