[VIRAL] KD French’s ‘At the Fridge Again!’; Check This Hilarious Song About Quarantine Snacking

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COVID-19 global pandemic has forced a lot of people across the globe to lock themselves up in their homes to avoid contracting the virus-most of the time, there not much thing to do besides watching television or eating snacks.

(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube)GOOD VIBES: You’ll Surely Relate to This Funny Song About Quarantine Snacking

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However, some people are creating funny videos on social media platforms. One gospel singer composed a song about quarantine eating that people can surely relate to. The hilarious song went viral on YouTube, which was posted by KD French, a gospel singer in Atlanta, Georgia.
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The song is titled “At the fridge again!” where she can be seen singing both the lead and background vocals.

“Somebody stop me, I’m at the fridge,” she sings while the background vocals echo.
“She’s at the fridge again!” her background vocal versions sang.Some of the lyrics stated that although she just visited the fridge to minutes ago, she still wants to have a snack. Another part focused on her cravings of chicken, collard greens, fruits, melon, ice cream, pickle, cheese, popsicle, and mashed potatoes.
The funny song was able to amass more than 9-5 million views across YouTube and Facebook.
Why you can relate to this hilarious song
It’s not just the lyrics of the song you might find funny; there are also some funny comments that will surely entertain you.

(Photo : Screenshot from Twitter post of @alexis_d777)GOOD VIBES: You’ll Surely Relate to This Funny Song About Quarantine Snacking

Me, looking for #Quarantine snacks though, wheres the Cheetos and quarantine snacks at Karen? #Chonker #cat #meme  pic.twitter.com/fFVWNiNH8c — Alexsis (@alexsis_d777) August 22, 2020
“Gurl, you need to stop looking in my window!” commented one of the viewers.
Another fan said that the song is the official COVID-19 lockdown weigh gain anthem. The hilarious composition also caught the attention of “Pose” star Billy Porter.
He even shared the video in his official Instagram account.”This took me out and made my day. I hope it gives you a good laugh the way it did for me,” captioned Billy Porter.


He also said that people should not act that they can’t relate to the song, asking who’s been to the fridge again. The French singer also shares gospel videos on her social media accounts. She also sings background vocals and nine-part lead to religious songs like “Show Me the Way” and “I Shall Wear a Crown.”
KD French explained that she found herself wandering over to the fridge to look for snacks, just like other people who are at home during the lockdown. She said that she loves how her video is making people smile during the COVID-19 crisis.
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