[VIRAL] Kanye West Watches the NBA 2020 Playoffs in a Gigantic 100-Foot Screen

by San Eli News

The world-famous rapper and Social Media personality, Kanye West, showed his love for basketball by watching the National Basketball Association or NBA 2020 Eastern Conference Playoffs in a gigantic 100-foot screen. The American rapper shared his NBA-streaming rig that takes him closer to the game even without going to the arena.

NBA’s Eastern Conference fans rooted for their favorite teams in the matches yesterday, particularly between Kyle Lowry’s Toronto Raptors and Marcus Smart’s Boston Celtics. However, a specific basketball-lover, Kanye West, took his viewing experience to the next level.

Kanye West is known to attend certain NBA games and watch the matches courtside, interacting with most basketball players and personalities that approach him. However, the Novel coronavirus pandemic prohibited a vast number of gathering and audience from watching the game live.

This dilemma did not stop Kanye West from having a mind-blowing experience in watching the game right remotely. The rapper shared on his verified Twitter account (@kanyewest) a statement saying “100 foot screen … it’s a good start” then goes on to post a video of him standing close to a gigantic screen, seen more than a thousand times his size.

Kanye West is seen on the video as a silhouette as he faces the screen and is at proximity, barely covering up the game’s statistics. West stood up in what seems to be a stage near the screen, suggesting that it is either in a publicly-rented cinema or a privately-owned screening facility.

The video shows Kanye West standing up because of the game’s gruelling excitement between the Toronto Raptors and the Boston Celtics who are on their second overtime. Boston Celtics led the Eastern Conference Semifinals in a 3-2 standing, one game away from advancing to the finals.

Kanye West seems to be enjoying his privileged viewing party as he dances around the stage in excitement for the game. The score shows that the teams are tied against each other as they approached another overtime that prolongs the game.

Various reactions stemmed from Kanye watching the game and is on edge with the second overtime’s excitement while others jokingly said that the players need ‘LebronYe.’

He watching these refs give everything to the reftors too — Anthony (@adarynv) September 10, 2020

NBA’s Eastern Conference Finals
The Boston-led series on September 9’s game ended on a 122-125 score that halts Boston’s advancement to the finals. The former 2019 NBA Playoffs champion, Toronto Raptors, manages to even the playing field and tie the series to 3-3, returning on Saturday evening, September 12.
The victor of the Saturday’s match will conclude the league’s semifinals and move on with the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat.
Heat took the league by surprise in a marvelous win against the top seed, Milwaukee Bucks, advancing the team in the Eastern Conference Finals.