Viral Facebook post of a mother warns other parents – Her son was eating popcorns, but she never thought it can cause such a life-threatening health issue

Denver, Colorado – Last Saturday night we were all watching a movie and eating popcorn which is a very frequent event on the weekend in our home. I didn’t think twice to give my son popcorn. my son had a small choking episode but was fine. The only thing we observed was a cough he developed after the episode.

Monday came, my husband left for a 3-day trip and it was pretty much the same as the day prior. As the evening came, I noticed my son felt warm and he was super fussy. He had a fever, so I gave him Motrin and put him to bed.

A very long night with him and then his breathing looked a little labored to me and he just didn’t feel good. I called my pediatrician immediately and said Nash needs to be seen ASAP. And we did it immediately.

I paced and cried the entire time my little man was in surgery. He had aspirated popcorn into his lungs when he choked.

The body recognized it as a foreign object and put puss pockets around it. All the inflammation caused him to develop pneumonia in his left lung. During the procedure, the doctor got out 6 pieces.

My lovely boy was a Rockstar and recovered well. We’re so thankful our little man came out ok. All of this over popcorn which is eaten on a regular basis in our home.

Always trust your gut because it’s right!!