Video showing Utah Trump supporter coughing on BLM protesters goes viral

A Trump supporter from Utah got into trouble after being caught on viral video coughing on a group of Black Lives Matter demonstrators outside a local gas station.

Robert Brissette, 42, was pumping gas at a service station in Kanab, Utah, on Saturday when he got into a argument with a small group of protesters who were offended at the Trump flag on the back of his white pickup truck.

A video shows Brissette facing the protesters with sign, and shouting, “Black lives don’t matter. All lives matter,” and went on barking, “You look like a little pansy-ass piece of s—t.”

He is then seen coughing on the demonstrators 11 times, while some shoved him away and fended him off with their signboards.

The two sides did exchange a lot of F-bombs as Brissette walked back to his truck, and two protesters yelled back, “take your hate somewhere else.”

Brissette claimed on a GoFundMe page, that he set up after the incident, that he was charged by the police over the encounter and he was the real victim.

The page has a goal of raising $10,000 but had collected just $50 by Wednesday afternoon. He went on to write a series of atracks that he supposedly faced , “Two of the protesters threw rocks at me, I went to confront them and was totally verbally attacked. So without touching anyone I called out the BLM at this point someone started recording it. During my rant two women hit me.”

He ended with ,”And now I’m being charged with starting it. I need help to clear my name against these race beating protesters.”

The Kanab Police Chief, Tom Cram, did not answered a call from The Post on Wednesday, seeking to confirm the charges and gathering details of the incident. Brissette also did not immediately return a call for comment.