Two teachers got arrested for behaving inappropriately with students

Dekalb County officers arrested two brothers who were also teachers in charge of having inappropriate secxual activity with their students. They are identified as Donavan Dalton, 28 of Rainsville, A former employee of Fort Payne City school was arrested on Thursday night. Twin brother of Donavan, Dustin Dalton, a former Sylvania High School teacher, was arrested a week before on charges of Enticing a child for wrong activity.

Donavan Dalton was held on a $150,000 bond  in Dekalb County jail and his twin is held without bond.At 6:42 am, Friday, October 8, 2020, The Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department informed me that an employee of the Fort Payne City Schools System had been charged with a criminal offense of inappropriate conduct with a student. We will fully cooperate with local law enforcement during on-going investigation”. Statement is released by Fort Payne City Schools Superintendent Jim Cunningham over Donavan Dalton’s arrest.