Truth Behind How 3-Year-Old Ended Up With STD Finally Revealed

A Texas man confessed to raping and passing along chlamydia and gonorrhea to his three-year-old female relative. Not only did San Antonio resident, 26-year-old Drevon Alexander Perkins forcibly rape and molest the tiny girl relative who still wore diapers, but he also passed along sexually transmitted diseases to the little one. The girl’s mother noticed a colored discharge in her toddler daughter’s diapers and took her to the hospital for observation, where doctors revealed the chilling fact about Perkins’s relations with the girl.

The doctor who had to confirm the horrible news helped alert the police. Because the girl had both chlamydia and gonorrhea, there was only one explanation, and it did not take police long to track down Perkins.

When he was arrested, police officers did everything in their power to hold back from revealing their anger at the suspect. But with a crime this heinous, it must be hard to look a man like this in the eye. It is a bestial crime not only to rape a toddler but also to pass along sexually transmitted diseases in the process.