Trump supporter brandishes gun at unarmed women protesters after they allegedly splashed water on him

by San Eli News
Trump supporter brandishes gun at unarmed women protesters after they allegedly splashed water on him

WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON: A Trump supporter was caught on video brandishing a gun at a group of unarmed protesters during an unofficial Trump rally in Woodinville, Washington, over the weekend. 

The police are now on the lookout for the individual who dumped the liquid on the Trump supporter who was seen wearing a pro-Trump cap and brown jacket, reports TMZ. He pulled a firearm on a group of young women that was caught on video. A woman intervened and was able to get the man to back off. 

The incident had taken place in Woodinville, Washington. The police revealed that they were told that a pro-Trump and an anti-Trump group had been protesting when someone had allegedly dumped a bucket of liquid on the man. However, the individual who dumped the water had left. 


The man sporting a pro-Trump cap had allegedly claimed the bucket had spit and urine. However, in the video, a woman insisted that the liquid in the bucket was just “water, you snowflake. It’s water. It’s water, you snowflake. It’s f**king water.”

The Twitter account which had shared the video online also posted another tweet that stated that the man brandishing the gun had claimed he had done so in self-defense. The tweet read, “He was claiming (to the police) that he thought it could have been acid, and cried self-defense. I heard him go from ‘spit in me’ to ‘he threw chewing tobacco on me’ to ‘it was poop’ to ‘well it could have been acid’ in the span of seconds.”


The man was seen waving a gun at a group of young female demonstrators. As soon as he drew the gun, the person taking the video calls him out and demands to know his name and also the names of the people who he was with. Eventually, the man is taken back by one of his friends and puts the gun back inside. 

The woman then calls him out for brandishing a weapon to which the man responds saying that he had done so because the liquid was dumped on him. The Trump supporter remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities who arrived shortly after. He was not arrested. The authorities were unable to determine what the liquid was, reports TMZ.

Many social media users expressed outrage over the incident. One user wrote, “You are a hero facing him down and showing the world. pulling a gun on someone – threatening with a deadly weapon… that’s the felony that should keep him from voting.”

Another user commented, “Woodinville, WA. Anybody recognize this low impulse-control Trump guy who is scared of teenage girls?” Yet another outraged user added, “Whoever filmed this is my hero. A true badass in the moment, standing up to a Trump bully with a gun. Inspiring.”




“Time for Washington to tighten up its concealed carry laws. I suggest the addition of a training requirement which includes instruction in legal requirements and penalties for brandishing a weapon. And this guy needs be arrested and charged under existing WA law,” shared another user. 

Yet another pointed out, “Gun nuts don’t deserve to be able to carry! He holds that gun like he sees people in the movies. What a wanna be. Why are trumpers so weak?” An outraged user commented on Twitter and said, “Washington POLICE Dept! Arrest him!! Domestic Terrorism in Broad F*** Daylight! While police DRAG a handcuffed minor by his collar in Ohio, YOU Let White Extremist S**mbags walk around Pointing Guns at Protestors! UNREAL! Vote These GOP Racist Traitors OUT Of Office.”




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