Trucker Who Got Pulled Over For “Unlawful Use Of Horn” Puts The Officer In His Place

by San Eli News

Brian Miner doesn’t like authority. He doesn’t like being told what to do and how to live his life. That’s one of the reasons he decided to dedicate his life to driving trucks around the country. He would get to spend most of his day alone and avoid having to hear his boss tell him what to do every moment of the workday.

Although Miner was able to avoid run-ins with authority on a regular basis, he soon found himself facing down an angry stare of an Illinois State Trooper who pulled him over while he was driving his truck. Because Miner doesn’t like authority and wanted to expose the cop as a liar, he decided to film their encounter and post the content to YouTube, where it has since gone viral.

When the video starts, the Illinois State Trooper is speaking to Miner. The cop is standing on the ground while Miner lurks above him from the cab of the truck. The cop then alerts Miner to the fact that he was pulled over for the illegal use of his horn.

Miner scoffs at the cop and replies that he was honking at the trooper. Then the cop flips the script and accuses Miner of speaking on the phone while he was speeding along the Illinois road. At this point, Miner is furious and refuses to have a civil conversation with the law-enforcement officer.

For the next few moments, Miner gets into a verbal altercation with the police officer. The cop then tells Miner that he is going to cut to the chase and issue him a ticket.

Then Miner tells the state trooper that the entire exchange was recorded. This new information terrifies the cop who quickly apologizes to Miner. He admits that he wasn’t paying attention while on the job and that he will let Miner off with just a warning because he doesn’t want his negligence to hurt Miner’s driving record.

Miner uploaded the video to YouTube under the title “Cop lies his a*s off.” As you can imagine, millions of people have watched this alarming footage.

Comments concerning the footage came in by the hundreds. Here’s what some people had to say:

“Lucky this officer wasn’t a hard cop abusing his power, or I guarantee you this guy would be in a cell right now. Just like you would expect the police to respect you and be civil, you should do the same with the officer. This guy, while in the right, was just plain rude to this officer and got quite nasty with him. Also, like the title, he chose ‘Cop lies his *ss off.’ Really? Couldn’t have chosen a better title? And people wonder why cops hate civilians so much. They already have a pretty dangerous job to keep you safe, least you could do is talk to them in a civil tongue.”

“The only reason the cop was acting “nice” was because he knew this was going on YouTube. Notice his immediate change in behavior when he was told about the recording.”

What do you think about the footage?

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