Tom Brady Gets Dad-Shamed After Sharing a Video of Him and His 6-Year-Old Daughter Cliff Jumping

The quarterback for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, maybe best known for winning six Super Bowl rings, but he’s known to his children for being a loving and doting dad off the field.

And while it can be assumed he loves all three of his children equally, Brady has admitted in the past that he has a hard time disciplining his only daughter, 6-year-old Vivian Lake Brady.

He once told E! Online in 2016:

“I let my daughter do basically anything she wants, which is a little bit of a problem in the house. The boys I’m definitely tougher on, but it’s so hard with a little 3-year-old girl who just look at you and smiles and she knows exactly what to say to get her dad to do exactly what she wants.”

So when it came time to jump off a cliff and into the water below this past weekend, Vivi knew just who to ask to jump with her, her future Pro Football Hall of Famer dad.

And as the video reveals, of course, Brady said yes. Watch as the 41-year-old father and 6-year-old daughter take the plunge:


The dad wrote after posting the video to Instagram:

If Vivi is going to be an Olympic champion one day, it probably won’t be in synchronized diving. Daddy always gives her a 10 though!

And thousands of people commented on the video that has been watched over three million times so far.

Even fellow athletes such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, gave their two cents:

You KNOW I have complete faith in you as a man, friend, player and father – but this just gave me anxiety. Geeezus

While others wrote:

Tom Brady Jumps With Daughter
Tom Brady/Instagram

However, after posting the video of the jump on his Instagram account, Brady got dad-shamed by some of his fans:

Really stupid move. So happy your child was not injured. You should not take a life for granted and you did.

From one father to another. Please be careful man.

Don’t think that was the best idea to do!

This is absolutely terrifying! Tom Brady is demonstrating what not to do with your child.

Thankfully, neither Brady nor Vivi were hurt as a result of the jump.

Brady has yet to respond to some of the criticism he’s received. But it’s like The Rock said, as a father of three, he knows what’s best for his children.