Toddler Is Killed After Dad Allows Abusive Mom Near Her: ‘He Wanted to Have His Family Together’

by San Eli News

California mom Miriam Sandoval Montano was indicted for abusing her infant daughter in 2015. Now, she’s been arrested for allegedly killing the same child.

According to the Daily Bulletin, the mother served six months in jail and completed a court-ordered child abuse education program in 2017.

It’s unclear if Montano lost custody of the girl. But the child’s father, Richard Rojo, allowed her to have access to their daughter even though she was on probation for her abuse.

His sister told ABC 7:

“I’m sure he wanted to have his family together, and he saw that the kids were probably going to miss their mom.”

On Wednesday, February 27, the father came home to find Montano holding their unresponsive daughter.

He immediately called 911, but the 3-year-old was turning “blue” by the time authorities arrived, according to KTLA.

The toddler was hospitalized for several days before passing away on Sunday.

Montano was later arrested and charged with suspicion of attempted murder. Officer Jay Sayegh with Fontana Police Department told the Daily Bulletin:

“This is a terrible situation. In 2015, we investigated and arrested her for the physical abuse on the same child. At that time (the baby) was months old.”

The child’s father has been charged with child endangerment, the officer confirmed:

“He was arrested this time for child endangerment, basically because there should have been steps taken to protect the child.”

Rojo’s sister said that he should have been more aware that his girlfriend was a danger to the toddler. She told NBC 7:

“But he should have…should have seen the signs, but he said he didn’t see the signs, and we were on the phone crying, because he says he never saw anything.”

Montano’s two other children have been taken by the Department of Children and Family Services. She is currently being held without bail.

The father is being held on $50,000 bail. His sister said:

“He always wanted to believe that she was going to do the right thing and that she was better. But she wasn’t.”

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