Three Brothers Took Turns in Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl After Breaking into her Bedroom

by San Eli News

Two brothers in Louisiana were arrested, while one is still on the run after being accused of raping a 10-year-old girl. The victim was alone with the suspects in their family home when they tried to bribe her for sexual favors. When she refused their advances, they forcefully assaulted her.
Kenner police identified the suspects as twins Raul Paz-Perez and Wilmer Paz-Perez, both 35. Their younger sibling, Elder Paz-Perez, age 31, is still on the run.
Suspects break into the victim’s bedroom
According to NY Post, Elder is the boyfriend of the victim’s mother. During the time of the attack, the three brothers were living under one roof with the victim, along with her 15-year-old sister and two other step siblings.
Photo: New York Post
At the time of the crime, the victim was alone in the house with the three brothers. According to the girl’s testimony, they tried to offer her money in exchange of sexual favors. She refused their advances and immediately locked herself in the bedroom, but the suspects managed to bust through the door.

They then pinned the girl to the ground and undressed her. The suspects took turns in assaulting her, while the others were holding her down.
“After defeating the lock, the three entered the room, undressed the victim, held her down and sexually assaulted her,” Kenner police clarified in an official statement.
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Three brothers were illegal immigrants
Fearing for her life, the victim did not immediately relay the incident to her family. A few days later, she told a relative, who then informed the police.
The investigators are also interviewing the victim’s elder sister and two other step siblings to find out if they were victimized by the brothers.

Photo: Police handouts
The other two suspects were arrested and charged with first-degree rape of a victim under the age of 13, according to Lt. Michael Cunningham of Kenner Police Department. During the interview, the brothers gave conflicting alibis.
According to a report from Nola, the authorities are still on the hunt for the third suspect. The other suspects are currently held without bail at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement were also looking into the brothers’ background, as they were illegal immigrants from Honduras.
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