This Is What Happens If You Leave Hot Dogs On Your Porch Every Night

Retired Canadian Mountie James Blackwood loves animals. Because of his love affair with mother nature’s creations, he has spent decades getting close to the wildlife in his neighborhood. Among the many animals that call his area their home habitat, Blackwood has established a rather close connection to the growing horde of raccoons. Self-proclaiming himself the “Raccoon Whisperer,” Blackwood makes it a habit to meet his furry friends out on the porch every night, where he feeds them hotdogs as quickly as they can eat them.

Since 201, Blackwood has been trying to make his relationship with the raccoons go viral. He’s been posting videos of himself interacting with the animals outside of his home for almost ten years now. He looks after the wild raccoons like they are his own pets and has shocked social media users with his latest video, which shows him getting mobbed by raccoons as he feeds them hotdogs from a container.

The group of raccoons is referred to as a nursey. They live outside of his home in Nova Scotia, which is on the east coast of Canada. At the start of the video, the outdoor area is empty. However, the chunky raccoons know that Blackwood is going to be feeding them the good stuff, so they are eager and ready to receive.

Eventually, Blackwood sits on the bench and hands out the hotdogs to all the raccoons. It seems that he has the animals trained because each of them wait their turn to receive the hotdogs from the retired Canadian Mountie.

All of them soon take time to eat the hotdog before coming back to the animal lover for a second helping. Because the raccoon whisperer knows that he is sitting on golden content, he created a YouTube channel and has earned more than 200,000 subscribers. People are eager to see what he is up to every time he goes outside to hang out with his raccoons.

The animals featured in this particular video were “super hungry,” according to Blackwood. Since temperatures are dropping in Nova Scotia this time of year, the animals are eager to fatten themselves up before sparse winter sets in and make it hard for them to find food. However, with a friend like Blackwood in the neighborhood, these Canadian raccoons may never go hungry again.

The temperature was about 21 degrees Fahrenheit at the time Blackwood fed the “nursey” of raccoons in the video.

Although Blackwood admits that his wife first began building a relationship with the raccoons, he has taken over and made it all his own. He said that it all started after his wife brought home a raccoon in 1999 after it was injured in a car accident.

In a video in 2014, he said: “This was my wife’s project, and she died in 2003 of cancer and begged me on her death bed to take care of her raccoons and cats and her mother.”

Since then, Blackwood has honored his wife’s wishes. He has posted more than 1,000 videos featuring the nursery of raccoons, with some of them receiving more than one million views. Clearly, there is a lot of interest in Blackwood’s relationship with his local raccoons.

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