This Church Uses Hilarious And Accurate Biblical References To Enforce Social Distancing (8 Pics) Interview

With coronavirus cases on the rise recently, social distancing is coming back to our daily lives. And for the Redeemer Presbyterian Church In New Orleans, it’s no exception.

Except the church has decided to take on a very creative way to do so. A place that’s not necessarily known for smashing comedy has proved it can be done in a subtle, yet all the more hilarious way.Father Nathan Monk, a former priest, shared photos from Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New Orleans on Facebook, showing the signs with Bible-themed jokes aimed at enforcing safe distance in the pews. The post has since gone viral with 24K people loving the unorthodox approach to handling a serious matter, but with a humorous twist.

This former priest shared the Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s funny posters on Facebook and it blew up