This Awkward Wedding Photo Has The Mother-In-Law In Hot Water

Weddings can be tough on the parents of the bride and groom. They symbolize a coming of age for the younger lovers. Because parents of the bride and groom have to let their child go and give them their blessing to start their own families, it can be a very hard thing to do. However, one mother of the groom proved that she was not willing to let her beloved son go just yet, and a picture from the wedding shows just how forcefully she was holding onto him.

The awkward wedding photo shows the mother of the groom spooning up against her son and gripping his hand in a so-called “death grip.” Not only was the entire family photo an awkward affair, looking at it afterward was extremely unsettling for the bride, who thought that her new mother in law supporter their marriage. But the image showed that she was very reluctant to let her son go.

The image was since posted to Reddit where it quickly went viral and sparked a heated discussion. In the image, the mother of the groom is pictured wrapping her leg around the young newlywed and grasping his hand as if she never wanted to let go.

Social media users on the sharing website quickly decried the mother of the groom’s behavior as “disturbing” and “awkward.” They were alarmed that she’d be holding onto her son with such a “death grip” on the day she was supposed to let him go so he could finally become a man.

The image was shared to Reddit by an anonymous wedding guest. The person who saw the image found it revolting and awkward and wanted the world to revel in the uncomfortable image along with them.

People quickly joined the conversation with comments such as:

“Nothing like firmly grasping your son’s hand while spooning him on his wedding day. Getting her last kicks in, I guess.”

The image was captured in Britain where such blatant displays of affection are not extremely common.

“She looks like she’s desperately clutching his hand. It just looks awkward.”

“The death grip on the husband’s hand is telling.”

People agreed that the mother’s display was “beyond disturbing” while others believe that this indicates how the newlyweds need to move “far, far away from the clutches of this mother.”

“Oh Lord, please grant this (daughter in law) and darling husband the serenity to move far, far away from the clutches of this mother.”

“She must have been laughed at by every relative who saw that wedding picture. What a fool.”

Other people started sharing images from their own weddings. One person had a picture of her mother-in-law striking the exact same, protective pose of the groom.

“LOL! I have a picture of my mother in law doing the exact same death grip on my darling husband on our wedding day! I suspect emotion got the better of her though in our case.”

If you witnessed the mother of the groom clutching her son in a “death grip,” what would you advise the newlyweds to do?

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