Things you should and shouldn’t do when staying at a hotel – from an employee

Hotel rooms can spark plenty of joy and excitement – but they’re definitely not as clean as people may think.

Even your five-star hotel, which offers all the amenities and a world-class view, might be guilty of skimming on the hygiene.

At least that’s what one woman, who has worked in hotels for many years, says.

Hotelier Evangeline, who goes by @queenevangeline25 online, has shared five tips for hotel stays – joining the trend on TikTok where experts in different areas share things they would or wouldn’t do.

Evangeline’s tips range from hygiene hacks to things you can do to maximise your rewards.

Though it’s the last thing she mentions in the clip, this tip is probably one most of us should be aware of – throws and decorative pillows are not very clean.

While bed sheets might get cleaned after your stay, the same can’t be said for the rest of the items in your room, says Evangeline.

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‘I would never sit on the bedspread,’ she told viewers. ‘I would never make myself comfortable on the bed spread.

‘That thing comes off the first minute I walk into the hotel. Those things are not washed often.’

She adds that, usually, the bed sheet is a thin layer and is easy to wash so gets cleaned regularly, but not the throw over the bed.

‘If they are actual bedspreads, those things get cleaned maybe once a year,’ she stresses.

The remote control and glasses found in the bathrooms should also be avoided or cleaned by guests themselves, she adds.

Evangeline continues: ‘I would never use them without washing them first. Your cleaning is different to my cleaning’.

Instead, she advises carrying ant-bacterial wipes to get the job done.

Paper or plastic cups are fine though, as they are discarded after use.

So, what about some of the things you should do?

She recommends adding all the guests names to the reservation, in case an individual loses their room key and the primary person isn’t around.

The last thing to note is that you should be collecting the hotel loyalty points.

She adds: ‘Back in the day you used to really have to let some of the points accumulate to actually use them for something good.

‘But these days they actually allow you to use them for other things, such as Amazon points.’

The more you know.

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