They Found The Body Of The Little Girl Who Left Her Mom This Heartbreaking Note

by San Eli News

Although it should have been an ordinary Monday, things would never be the same again after young Kodie B. Dutcher left her mother’s apartment after 4 pm. Although she and her mom spoke on a video call during the day, after mom came home at 4:30 pm to the Baraboo, Wisconsin apartment, Kodie was nowhere to be found. Her mother was terrified and frantically searched the apartment for the little girl – but found that she left her phone and shoes, as well as a note that said, “Mom, I love you, but I can’t do it. Bye.”

Now, 10-year-old Kodie’s dead body has been found in a farm field. The note left behind appeared to have been a suicide note, and the young girl was thought to have taken prescription pills in an apparent suicide. Her body was found on Tuesday morning a bit more than twelve hours after she had her video chat with her mother around 4 pm that Monday.

Authorities have not confirmed who was watching the 10-year-old girl or if she was left home alone at her mother’s apartment. During the coronavirus pandemic, many American parents have no choice but to leave their children unattended since the government has done little to assist working Americans in this time of need.

During the final communication between the mom and daughter, the pair spoke about their upcoming camping trip. According to her mom, Kodie was very excited to go out in nature and explore.

However, her mom returned home to find the apartment empty. Kodie was nowhere to be found. Her phone and shoes had been left behind, along with what appeared to be a suicide note.

The distraught mother, who has not been named, called police as soon as she returned home and found her daughter missing. She told them about the note and that she was horrified.

Although reports indicate that Kodie might have killed herself using prescription pills, police have not confirmed the drugs used to complete the final act.

Kodie’s body was found in a nearby farm field. She apparently walked about 800 feet from the apartment on 12th Street to the large farm field where she lay down to die. Her cold corpse was found by dozens of local residents who offered to help search for the missing ten-year-old girl.

Police reported that Kodie and her mother moved to the area in April. Because the move came in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Kodie did not have a chance to make friends before she found herself isolated and alone. Because the local school quit teaching children due to the spread of the virus, Kodie never met other children her age and spent most of her time alone and afraid.

Kodie’s family has not made a public statement regarding the girl’s death, an apparent suicide. Her family joined other locals in searching for Kodie Monday night and Tuesday morning before she was found at 11 am.

What do you think about this tragedy? Are community leaders doing enough to help children during the pandemic?

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