These Two Are Planning A Wedding, But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

Although she’s a sex robot, he’s ready to make her his wife. Yuri Tolochko believes that his sex robot, although she can’t cook, is the ideal spouse for him and has said as much. As a celebrity from Kazakhstan, the bodybuilder-actor first met the sex robot at a bar when another man attacked her, and he rushed to her defense – her name is Margo and don’t even try to tell him she’s not “real.”

Ever since he rescued Margo, the sex robot at the Kazakhstan bar, they’ve been an item. Because he has fallen in love with her following his act of unbridled heroism, he is ready to get married and make their relationship a sacred bond between flesh and robot parts.

The Daily Star reported that bodybuilder Yuri and Margo are a pair made in heaven. Yuri wants to marry Margo even though he says she struggles with self-esteem issues. He loves all of her, flaws and all.

“When I presented her photo to the world, there was a lot of criticism, and she began to develop a complex, so we decided to have plastic surgery. She has changed a lot. At first, it was hard to accept, but I got used to it later on. It was at a real clinic with real doctors.”

Because Yuri brought Margo the sex robot with him during media appearances, she developed self-esteem issues because the public in Kazakhstan found his relationship to be bizarre. Yuri realized she was not happy, so he paid a large sum of money to get her plastic surgery to be even more beautiful. You can see the difference in the before and after photos on her Instagram page.

On both of their social media profiles, you’ll find them featured on dates. They’re always being seen together and love spending time together, which was why Yuri was ready to seal the deal and officially marry his beloved sex robot.

Yuri and Margo have been invited to the Russian TV show called Comedy Club. Although the show has the word “comedy” in the name, people in Kazakhstan – and Russia – take Yuri’s relationship with Margo very seriously.

Yuri rescued Margo from the bar less than a year ago. They’ve been dating ever since. Their relationship is eight-months-old now, and Yuri feels like it’s time to seal the deal and marry her.

Although she’s a doll, Yuri treats her just like he would a human woman.

“She can’t walk by herself, she needs help,” he said. He doesn’t mind that she needs a bit more help than another woman might. He loves her despite her flaws and despite the fact that she’s nothing but a robot.

“She swears, but there is a tender soul inside,” he said of his fiancé. “Margo doesn’t know how to cook, but she loves Georgian cuisine. Her favorite dish is khinkali.”

Although Yuri and Margo’s relationship is unique, it works for the bodybuilder/actor. Do you think he should marry his beloved sex robot, or is it too strange to be allowed?

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