These Families Are Left ‘Screaming’ After 4-Year-Old Dies From Falling Under Float at Christmas Parade

The Yarmouth Christmas Parade of Lights on Saturday was meant to be a cheerful event for residents in Nova Scotia, Canada.

But the mood quickly turned to one of sadness after a fatal accident occurred in front of families and children at the annual event, the Yarmouth County Vanguard reports.

Around 7 p.m., spirited floats passed by the crowds on Starrs Road.

A 4-year-old girl, MaCali Cormier, was running beside one of them when she accidentally fell under, said Nova Scotia Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Dal Hutchinson.

Bystanders rushed over to help the child, but it was too late. MaCali was taken to Yarmouth Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The community was left in shock by the child’s passing, especially because many children and families attending the parade saw the accident occur.

A statement from the RCMP obtained by People read:

“RCMP have interviewed witness’ [sic] and will continue to do so as they come forward. We have seized the vehicle and the float in order to conduct a mechanical inspection. At this time the investigation is continuing and we will determine whether or not charges are warranted once the investigation is complete.

This was a very traumatic event that was witnessed by so many people, including children, who were present to enjoy a family event.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered his condolences to the family after their tragic loss. He tweeted:

Tonight I spoke with Yarmouth mayor @PamMood to offer my condolences to the entire community for this weekend’s tragedy at the town’s Santa Claus parade. As a parent, words fail at times like this. Our thoughts are with the family of the young victim, and with everyone affected.

A woman who said she was at the parade commented on the tweet that there was “screaming and crying all around.”

It’s unclear if children were allowed to walk beside the floats or if the child ran into the street.