The Woman Who Has Been Divorced 10 Times Makes Surprising Announcement

by San Eli News

Optimists believe that love is available to all. But 56-year-old Cassey must be an eternal optimist because she has been divorced ten times yet still has hope that she’ll find the love of her life. During her appearance on Dr. Phil, Cassey spoke to the influential television host about how she had been married and divorced so many times it was almost difficult to keep track – yet, she knows that the right man is out there for her, and she’s determined to find him.

“I don’t care how many marriages it takes,” she said. “I will keep trying until I find the one that can love me.”

Cassey is prepared to end her tenth marriage right now. On the talk show, she admitted that she is often the one to call it quits after giving her best go. Many of her relationships have lasted years. However, some of them have only survived for a few months. Although Cassey does not want to end up alone for the rest of her life, she does not know what is wrong with all the men she keeps marrying.

Throughout the years, Cassey has tried all types of men to find the right one for her. She’s married her high school sweetheart, a rocker, a preacher, along with other guys from all different walks of life. But she is not going to call it quits on finding love and refuses to give up until she finds the right man “that can love me” back with as much energy as she shows them.

“I’m usually the first one to say that’s it; I’m getting a divorce. Then I quit,” she said on the show.

Marriage requires commitment from both people. If one person is willing to call it quits after a minor issue, then the marriage is destined to fail.

“I believe that I have been in love with each person I have married,” she said. “In the past, I have cheated on them after they have cheated on me. I have never cheated first in the relationship.”

Over her lifetime, Cassey has lived in more than seventy-six houses. She has changed her last name a bunch of times and has been up and down an emotional rollercoaster of love that few people would ever know in their lifetimes.

Watch the segment from Dr. Phil below and see what is wrong with her approach to marriage.

After interviewing her about her failed relationships, Dr. Phil identified some trends. He found “three cheaters, a doping biker, and a peeping tom. Who the hell were you turning down?”

Cassey cannot believe his blunt question. She smiles from embarrassment and shakes her head. Then she admitted, “Well, I didn’t ever really turn anyone down.”

In the video, you’ll hear the T.V. host analyze Cassey’s failed relationships and come up with a hypothesis why they’ve all failed.

What do you think is her reason for getting into so many bad marriages? Do you think Dr. Phil is right about her during her guest appearance?

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