The Suspense Behind Maliyah Bass’ Dead To Come out As A Video Showed Her Mother’s Boyfriend Allegedly Taking Trash Can Near To Strong Drain Which Leads To Bayou

A mother and her boyfriend are imprisoned on charges of having a connection with the death of Maliyah Bass as she was found dead floating in the Bayou in August

According to reports, a jogger who was in his daily jogging rounds found Maliyah’s body floating in Brays Bayou off to the 5200 block on Carrollton Street in SW Houston on August 23, 2020.

The authorities say that Maliyah was last seen on the 22nd of August, where she was found playing in the playground of Sunset Crossing apartments located in SW Houston.

The child’s mother’s Sahara Ervin stated: “she was watching Maliyah from a nearby window but she turned away momentarily and when she looked back, her daughter was gone”

Maliyah used to live with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend who is identified as 21-year-old Travion Thompson.

However, later on, with the investigation, it was found by the police authorities that both Travion Thompson and Sahara Ervin had a connection with the death of Maliyah as by conducting an autopsy it was found that Maliyah had a broken left forearm and with extensive superficial blunt force trauma in the form of looped-pattern bruising all over her body. Also, for her condition, the medical examiners stated that Maliyah was beaten with an extension cord or other hard objects like a hanger.

On Thursday, the investigators found a video footage in which Travion Thompson appeared to be carrying a trash can to a storm drain at the apartment complex.

Although, with the footage, Travion had no way to get out so he confessed and put all the blame to Sahara Ervin by claiming that Ervin beat Maliyah with a hairbrush when she was crying and wouldn’t sleep. With that, the court record also mentioned that Travion Thompson and Sahara Ervin put Maliyah in a broom closet naked and woke up to find that the toddler was dead on the following day.

Thompson has reportedly admitted that they hid Maliyah’s body in a storm drain on the 22nd of August and The next day, Maliyah was found dead floating in the bayou.

The judge has given Sahara Ervin a bond of $175,000 bond while Travion Thompson has no bond.

However, there are no updates revealed regarding what will be done to the accused of such a crime! We will be updating you as soon as things get officially confirmed until that, stay tuned to our site to get more updates in the future.