The moment when Subway worker falls asleep and slumps face-first into the sandwich she is making – VIDEO

Chicago, Illinois – A Subway worker was filmed while preparing a sandwich for a customer. The lady was probably so tired that she managed to fall asleep while making the sandwich. A video of this event in Chicago, was uploaded and went viral with over 12 million views.

In the clip, the female fast-food worker is seen preparing a footlong sub for a customer as soothing music plays in the background.

The customer films her sprinkling a topping from a container onto the sandwich when her hand stops half way down the bread roll.

She slowly begins to slump forward, while still standing up, and her face gets closer and closer to the counter.

First her Subway hat touches the sandwich, then her face – which is covered in a blue face-mask. The woman appears to be fast asleep in the food, completely oblivious to the customer waiting on his sandwich.  The 28-second clip was posted with the caption: ‘This lady fell asleep on my sandwich.’

Viewers found the video both funny and heartbreaking to watch.