The Mayor Keeps Moving Homeless People Into The City, And Residents Have Finally Had Enough

In a desperate bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio moved homeless people into unoccupied luxury hotel buildings in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The residential neighborhood, which has become an upscale haunt in recent years, has been inundated with crime and problems since de Blasio made a move. With an estimated 13,000 homeless people now occupying space in the neighborhood, taxpaying residents are outraged and demand change.

Now, a shocking image shows a woman, who is apparently homeless, performing an oral sex act on a man near the corner of West 79th Street and Broadway. The incident occurred around 9 pm on Sunday and proves to New Yorkers that this once safe area is now ridden with crime and debauchery.

The woman in the image, who is shown pleasuring the man, also appears to be undressed from the waist down. She seems to have dropped her pants to her ankles, which indicates that the sexual act may escalate quickly.

Although those living outside of New York City are likely going to be shocked at this egregious display of public affection, those residing in the former epicenter of the coronavirus are not too surprised. Since the virus ripped through New York City, the cultural hub of the United States has been seriously damaged. Longtime residents are moving out of New York in larger numbers than before, which could result in a drop in real estate prices across New York. And de Blasio’s mishandling of the homelessness situation could also contribute to a drop in price.



Rich New Yorkers moved to Upstate New York, Connecticut, or out to their summer homes in Long Island. Because so many people abandoned the city, there were tens of thousands of empty apartments for rent across Manhattan. This caused a surge in available apartments, which also caused prices to drop.

A witness to the sex act on the Manhattan street said the woman had not removed her pants to further the sexual act. Instead, she had done so to relive her bladder while she showered the man in compassion.

“It was vile, but [this] has become the norm for that area,” Upper West Side resident Mike G said. “It was Sunday night. Not much foot traffic. There were probably one or two others that walked by. I don’t usually take pictures of others’ misfortunes, but this was a level of degeneracy I haven’t seen out in the open in the neighborhood yet.”



Mike G shared the photo on the “Save the Upper West Side” online group, which boasts more than ten thousand members. This group, which is motivated to get rid of the homeless, has been pushing for the mayor to kick the people out.

The group tweeted the photo of the oral sex act along with the following comment:

“Is oral sex the compassion needed? Quality of life no longer exists on the UWS. Would you want children to see this on Bway btw 78-79 as you walk around?” the group said in a tweet.

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