The Kenosha protest killer won’t face any charges in Illinois.

On Tuesday, the authorities announced that the 17-years-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot and killed two peoples while injuring the third one in Winconsin protest. She is not going to face the gun charges in Illinois.

Rittenhouse utilized an AR-15-style weapon to kill the 26-years-old Anthony Huber, and the 36-years-old Joesph Rosenbaum, on August 25 in Kenosha protest. According to the NPR, the Antioch police started the criminal investigation in Illinois.

The prosecutor of the Lake County, in a statement said that the firearm that was used in 25th August shoot was buyied, kept and the used in the protest and there are no evidence that can prove that Rittenhouse had the gun in Illinois.

According to the Chicago Tribure, its not yet clear that Rittenhouse or even someone else would have been charged in case she used the weapon on Illinois. Lin Wood, Rittenhouse’s attorney claimed that the gun was purchased by the teen’s friend and the Gun never went out of Winconsin.

In Winconsin, the teen is charged with homicide, reckless and attempted homicide, recklessly endangering the safety along with the possession of a deadly weapon under age 18.

The Antioch police along with the Lake County prosecutors won’t be revealing any further details about their investigation and believe that it may compromise the ongoing investigation.

Rittenhouse is imprisoned without a bond in Lake City’s Juvenille detention facility. Her hearing will be held on October 30.