Texas Father Shoots Toddler and Infant Daughters Amid Custody Dispute

A Texas father is accused of killing his own flesh and blood before turning the gun on himself. The suspect, who was allegedly in the middle of a custody dispute, shot his two young daughters to death in their family home. The victims’ bodies were then dumped in their backyard.
The grisly incident shook the peaceful neighborhood of Boulder Bluff in San Marcos, Texas on August 27.
Suspect distraught over custody dispute
Photo: Unsplash/Max Kleinen
Hays County Sheriff’s Office identified the Texas father as 30-year-old Kyle Brandon Grieb. The victims were his daughters, 2-year-old Amyah Engleman and 6-month-old Caraline Engleman.
Earlier that morning, the girls’ mother and Grieb’s ex-girlfriend, Halie Engleman, panicked after noticing her two daughters missing. She immediately confronted the suspect, who appeared distraught. Grieb pointed towards the bathroom but when Halie checked, the girls were nowhere to be found.
When she came back, Grieb had fled from the house. Worrying that something bad might happen, Halie immediately summoned her other family members and the police officers to their home located in 900 block. It did not take long before they spotted Grieb’s body in the backyard. Shortly after, the girls’ bodies were discovered as well.

According to initial investigation, Grieb suffered from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Amyah and Caraline also had gunshot wounds to the head. Grieb covered their bodies with a tarp before finally turning the gun on himself. All three were pronounced dead on the scene.
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Bereaved family asks community for support
Photo: KSAT
In an interview with law enforcement authorities, Halie revealed that they were allegedly going through a custody battle before the incident. In one instance, Grieb told Halie that he is planning on abducting their girls.
The couple have two more daughters, 6-year-old Evelyn and 4-year-old Melody who were reportedly harmed from the incident. In light of this tragic incident, the grieving family set up a GoFundMe page on September 15 to help with the expenses.
“Amyah and Caraline’s father took their lives before taking his own life. All funds collected will be used toward assisting Halie in obtaining a vehicle for transportation, a home to reside in, fulfilling her desired career path, child care and generally restarting their lives.”

In the page, the family expressed their gratitude to the Attorney General’s Crime Victim’s Compensation Fund that will also give them monetary assistance to move forward with their lives.

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