Texas County Sued Regarding Death of Black Man by Repeated Tasing

A black man was reportedly tased continuously to death, by deputies who were allegedly aided by a reality TV crew. The relatives of the deceased are currently suing a Texas County for the heinous crime, seeking justice. The 40-year-old Javier Ambler, who was a former postal worker met with his unfortunate demise when the deputies tased him repeatedly, even after his constant pleas of “I can’t breathe!”.

Ambler had also informed the deputies of his heart disease beforehand, according to the complaint filed by his family. The family has accused the Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody of wrongfully encouraging “officers to be entertaining while filming A&E’s ‘Live PD’, because it helps with recruitment”. The official complaint further documented, “Chody encouraged his officers to engage in dangerous, high-risk police tactics because it made for more entertaining television in service to Live PD”.

According to official reports which document the entire incident, the “fatal encounter began when Ambler allegedly failed to dim his headlights as a Williamson County deputy with a ‘Live PD’ crew in the car drove past him in the opposite direction”. The report further stated that Ambler never made any inappropriate threatening gesture towards the officers, yet was handcuffed and was later proclaimed as dead in a nearby hospital. Sheriff Robert Chody has been sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment, owing to charges of a third-degree felony, but he has persistently denied all the accusations.

The show, ‘Live PD’ was later canceled as protests erupted in various parts of the country, following the tragic incident involving another case of police brutality and the death of George Floyd. Javier Ambler’s video also surfaced during this time which only added more fuel to the protests.