Texas boy, 3, accidentally shoots himself dead on his birthday using gun that fell from family member’s pocket

by San Eli News
Texas boy, 3, accidentally shoots himself dead on his birthday using gun that fell from family member’s pocket

PORTER, TEXAS: A 3-year-old boy was killed after accidentally shooting himself with a gun on the day of his third birthday on Saturday, October 24 at 4:15 pm.

The incident reportedly happened when the minor boy, a resident of Porter, South Eastern Texas shot himself in the chest while his family was playing cards. The boy was then taken to the nearest fire station, but the family couldn’t save him. According to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, the child discovered a handgun that reportedly fell from a family member’s pocket, as they all gathered for his birthday.

“Family and friends had gathered earlier to celebrate the birthday of the three-year-old, and while playing cards, heard a gunshot,” the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement released to social media. “The child was located with a gunshot wound to the chest.” “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of this tragic accident,” the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office added. 

The department or the family have not revealed the circumstances surrounding how the family member lost their gun at the party, and how the child found it. Authorities did not say whether the gun owner acted in an improper or irresponsible manner when it came to safely secure the firearm.

As soon as the incident came to light, people started reacting to it, as one Internet user said, “Heartbreaking, but not enough to change laws or people’s actions about gun safety. And to think just several decades ago the NRA led gun safety classes, but no more.” Another one questioned, “How in the world does a three-year-old gain access to a gun?”






While another one slammed the President Donald Trump and wrote, “Tell trump. Sorry for the poor boy and family, but if he stopped ignoring gun control, this will only increase. We have two epidemics, Covid and gun violence and he is ignoring both.” Questioning the importance of keeping gun at home, another one wrote, “I’d love to see the stats that show exactly how many crimes are prevented by folks having guns in their homes. Why do folks need police if they feel they’re doing such a great job having their own guns. More children are killed in their own home. Only in America.”







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