Tennessee Teacher Is Charged With Child Abuse After She’s Caught Dragging 4-Year-Old by the Ankles

Carla Haynes was a teacher in a Tennessee school system for eight years, but now she’s been charged with child abuse after security cameras captured a disturbing incident.

It started on April 26 at Trousdale County Elementary, where Haynes is a pre-K teacher, according to WSMV.

A school resource officer was watching the security camera when they witnessed Haynes carrying a 4-year-old female student.

Fox 17 reports that the camera captured the teacher placing the student in a “kneeling” position and then pushing the child onto her back.

She then allegedly “dragged” the child by the ankles for about 15 feet around the corner and into her classroom.

Trousdale County Detention Center

The resource officer reported it to the school’s assistant principal, who indefinitely suspended Haynes before the day was over, Trousdale County Director of Schools Dr. Clint Satterfield told WKRN.

Satterfield added:

“We apologize that this has happened, and this is not who we are as a school system.”

Haynes was arrested and charged with child abuse after the child’s parent took out a warrant, WTVF reports.

She was held in the Trousdale County Detention Center but has since been released on bond.

The security cameras that captured the incident as it was occurring were just installed this year.

A similar incident in Kansas made headlines earlier this week.

Dearly reported that a teacher was fired after an incident in February, in which she was seen on security footage hitting a child.

The teacher in that case was caught after the child told her mother that she “didn’t like” her teacher and that she was “mean.”

According to the mental health organization HelpGuide, there are several signs to look for if you suspect your child may be a victim of abuse.

Warning signs of child abuse include acting withdrawn, having trouble controlling emotion, appearing detached from caregivers, and acting inappropriately.

If you suspect child abuse, call ChildHelp at 1-800-422-4453 or visit Child Welfare Information Gateway.