Teen Is Charged With Blackmail After Faking His Own Kidnapping to Get $130 From His Mom

by San Eli News

When a South Carolina mom got a call from a blocked number earlier this month, she believed it was from a man who kidnapped her son.

According to Insider, mom Velisa Ward got the call from her son and an unknown man on January 22.

The man demanded that Ward put $130 in a mailbox or risk her 19-year-old son being hurt or killed — but the address of the mailbox was familiar.

The supposed kidnapper wanted her to deliver the cash to the home of her son’s father.

Sumter County Police

Ward was suspicious and called the police to report that her son may have faked his own kidnapping, according to WLXT.

Police later questioned her son, Emmanuel Franklin, about the phone call. He was not only safe and sound but admitted he made the whole kidnapping up.

The teen said he was just trying to get the cash from his mother. But now, he’s facing charges for faking the incident.

On January 24, Franklin was arrested and charged with blackmail and extortion.

According to South Carolina law, blackmail is punishable by a maximum of ten years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine.

It’s unclear if a court date has been set for Franklin.

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