Teen Held on $2 Million Bond For Brutal Assault of Elderly Woman With Dementia

by San Eli News

A quiet neighborhood in Humphreys County, Mississippi was shocked at a horrific crime that left an elderly woman scarred for life. A 15-year-old boy was held on $2 million bond for the alleged rape, beating, and stabbing of a 91-year-old woman with dementia.
The teen suspect will be tried as an adult and will face multiple charges including rape, burglary, breaking and entering, and attempted murder.
Victim ‘left for dead’ in a pool of her own blood

Law enforcement authorities identified the suspect as Tydarius Wade. The 15-year-old boy was accused of breaking into the house of the victim then brutally assaulting her. On August 11, the victim was discovered lying in a pool of her own blood in her ransacked home in Isola.

The unidentified 91-year-old woman was barely alive when the paramedics arrived. A later examination showed that the victim suffered from a brutal beating on top of the stab wounds that she sustained.
It was a miracle that the woman was immediately found by her caregiver and sent to the hospital to receive treatment.
According to WLBT, there appeared to a be a struggle in the home as the victim’s entertainment center was overturned. When the police arrived, the caregiver claimed that she found a bloody knife under the couch. The weapon will later tie Wade to the crime scene.
The knife was sent to the lab for DNA testing. Mississippi State Crime Lab discovered two DNAs on the knife, which belonged to Wade and his victim.
Furthermore, police also uncovered a bloody shirt in Wade’s possession. When tested, the blood was positive for the woman’s DNA.

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Suspect has been tied to a previous attack
Photo: Daily Delta News
Shortly after the DNA tests came out, Wade was immediately arrested. According to Humphrey County Sheriff’s Investigator David James, they have been eyeing Wade for some time now because he was also a suspect in a previous crime that involved another elderly woman.
In the first incident, the teenager was accused of slapping the woman and setting her bathroom on fire. Wade and the first victim lived in the same block. According to Crime Online, the teen’s apartment was only “about 50 yards” away from the elderly woman’s home.
Wade’s attorney, Tanisha Gates, claimed that they are in disagreement with the hefty bond set for the minor.
“I do think that my client was given a disservice, and I think that disservice was the result of poor law enforcement work and investigation. We think it’s excessive,” she said, referring to the $2 million bond. “We have a long road ahead, but we’re going to travel that with grace and dignity.”

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