Teen Died of a Brain Tumor Less Than a Week After She Was Kicked in the Head During a Fight After School

A 13-year-old girl in Texas died five days after being attacked by school bullies.

The middle schooler was punched and kicked in the head several times during a fight outside of Attucks Middle School but insisted that she was okay before her health took a turn for the worse.

Mamie Jackson, the child’s mother, told KTRK that a few days after the altercation, the seventh-grader complained about a severe headache on Sunday before falling unconscious.


Jackson told ABC News:

“I drove over and I told her to get up. I saidGet up, Kashala.’ She kept sayingMama, my head hurts,’ so she laid down.”

Kashala Francis, 13, was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital where doctors found a tumor in her brain, as well as fluid buildup on her brain after she fell unconscious.

The child’s family didn’t know she had a tumor at the time of the incident and thought Francis was a perfectly healthy child. Jackson said:

“So if she had a tumor in her head that we (didn’t know) about, and somebody repeatedly stomps and kicks and punches you in your head, you’re not even fighting back, is it going to be better, is it going to be worse?”

On April 24, Francis died after being jumped by her classmates while walking home from school on Thursday.

A video of the incident surfaced which reportedly shows the 13-year-old being beat up while other girls are heard laughing in the background.

Police told ABC News, it remains unclear whether the seventh-grader died from the injuries she sustained during the fight with her classmates or from a preexisting health condition.

Watch the video below:

Victor Senties, a representative for the Houston Police Department told the outlet the child’s cause of death remains unknown and no arrest has been made:

“Until the autopsy is finished, we won’t know.”

The mother of the young girl seen fighting with Francis in the video said her family is torn apart over the incident. Johnnie Dorsey told KTRK:

“I hate this happened, you know I hate it. Not just for me, but for my daughter and for the family also.”

According to Dorsey, the kids agreed to fight after school because of an ongoing feud. She added:

“She’s destroyed. She’s having nightmares. She said you knowWe just had a fight, I didn’t know she had a tumor, she’s a kid, mom. I didn’t hit her that hard.’”

Dorsey said her daughter did not cause Francis’ death.

The family has started an online fundraiser to raise money for Francis’ funeral expenses.

Watch the video below: