Teacher Is Put on Leave After She Reportedly Kicked a Student in the Leg While He Threw a Tantrum

Police are investigating after a Washington teacher reportedly kicked a 7-year-old student with disabilities who was throwing a tantrum in class.

As KIRO7 reports, a student in Blaine Primary School teacher Catherine Hicks’ class fell to the floor kicking and screaming. During the tantrum, the 7-year-old kicked Hicks in her lower leg. A witness told police Hicks responded by forcefully kicking the student back in the upper leg.

She has been placed on administrative leave.

According to Superintendent Ronald Spanjer, the Blaine School District will now began their own investigation.

Spanjer said:

As we have now confirmed that the Blaine Police Department has completed their work, we will initiate the process of conducting a personnel level investigation, which will remain confidential with respect to the details surfaced until our investigation is complete.  At this time, we are setting up the parameters/scope of the investigation, and do not yet have a projected date for completion.”

Parents of other students at the school were surprised by the news.

Brittney Segel said:

That’s just insane. All the teachers are incredibly kind so that’s just shocking.”

While the student was not hurt by Hicks’ kick, another parent still felt the teacher was out of line.

Rhonda Hunt said:

I’d be extremely angry that’s just not right. Disability or not, she’s an adult and she should be better than that.”

According to KIRO7, Hicks has been a member of the Blaine’s school District for around six months. Despite Hicks’ incident, the school district ensure student safety remains a priority.