Tattoo Artist Says She’s Spent $70,000 To Become ‘Living Piece Of Art’

An Austrian tattoo artist says she’s spent nearly $70,000 to become a “living work of art.” The Vienna native known as Kitty Ink, now 46, began transforming her body a decade ago in an effort to become more like the version of herself that she saw in her head. However, that process certainly hasn’t been cheap nor has it been easy, though she is pleased with the result.

1. KITTY HAS HAD PLENTY OF COSMETIC PROCEDURES.To date, she’s had two breast augmentations, radiofrequency therapy, liposuction, Botox and fillers, a facelift, and more than 100 hours getting tattoos. She now boasts 75H breasts because of her 1050cc implants, which are the biggest available in Europe.

2. NOT EVERYONE SUPPORTS HER APPEARANCE.Kitty is more than pleased with her transformation, but she admits she’s often labeled a “bimbo” and a “trophy” and has her intelligence questioned on a daily basis. However, she doesn’t let the people who treat her like this get away with it, and has been known to call out men for their BS.

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4. SHE’S HAPPILY MARRIED SO SHE’S NOT LOOKING FOR SUITORS.Despite the fact that there are plenty of men (and women) who go crazy for Kitty’s look, she’s not actually in the market for a new partner. She’s actually been happily married for 27 years and they’re completely monogamous.

5. KITTY ISN’T RULING OUT FUTURE SURGERIES.At the moment, Kitty isn’t planning any further cosmetic procedures, but she does say she’s not ruling anything out in future and would be open to getting other stuff done if it appealed to her. You go, Kitty!