Son Punches And Knocks Out Stepdad For Abusing His Mom

A video has surfaced online showing a son appearing to deliver a knock-out punch to his stepfather, who was drunk and had been abusing his mother. The clip, which was uploaded to various social media channels as well as Reddit, immediately went viral for its intense content. WARNING: The video below contains content that some viewers may find upsetting, so watch at your own risk.

1. THE STEPFATHER CLEARLY SEEMED INEBRIATED.In the video, which was filmed by the mother, the man can be seen shouting gibberish to no one in particular, hurling abusive language and throwing things all over the kitchen. It was clear he was under the influence of either alcohol, drugs, or both, which made him act violently.

2. WHEN THE SON WALKS IN, THE MAN BECOMES MORE INCENSED.He can be seen and heard in the video yelling at the son, trying to egg him on to fight. He then proclaims that he’s “looking for a knife,” presumably to be violent over, and the mother tells the son to call someone, potentially the police as she is filming him.

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4. THE SON DOESN’T START THE FIGHT.However, he does tell the stepfather to hit him so that he can feel vindicated in punching the man. The son then loses his patience and decks the stepfather, and the older man falls to the ground, seemingly unconscious.