Someone Starts A ‘Best Dressed Hijabi Edition’ Thread And The Photos Look Too Cool

by San Eli News

Not only does fashion come in all shapes and sizes, it also comes in various cultures, religions and beliefs. This viral thread by a Twitter user who goes by the handle @seokthestallion encapsulates precisely that.

The caption “best dressed Hijabi edition to give u inspo” speaks for itself. Beautiful, colorful, experimental, creative, modern and unique, these are some of the best dressers of the Muslim world.

From niqabi skater girls to super fashionable influencers wearing abayas, get ready for some mega fashionistas who prove that religious code is yet another way to take your style to a whole new level! No wonder the thread blew up with 54.9K retweets and comments, as well as 237.2K likes adoring these fashion goals big time.