Six-year-old boy calls 911 after roadside armed robbers shoot his mother dead and critically injure his father

Police in Indianapolis are looking for two armed men who shot and killed a mother of four during an armed robbery, injuring her husband and leaving their six-year-old son to call for help.

Wilma Hochstetler, 40, died on Thursday night after she and her husband Jonathan were attacked by the side of a road in the west of the city.

The deeply religious couple owned a roofing business in Bloomfield, 80 miles south west of Indianapolis.

Jonathan was away with work and driving home, when his tire blew, damaging a trailer light.

Wilma then drove from their home, with their six-year-old son Bradon, to Indianapolis to help him.

While the couple were working to repair the tire, at 1:50am, two men approached and held Wilma and Jonathan up at gunpoint, stealing Wilma’s phone and both of their wallets.

The gunmen turned to walk away, but then swiveled back and shot at them, killing Wilma and shooting Jonathan in the neck.

Bradon, who was cowering in their truck, then managed to find a cell phone and call 911.