She Gave Birth To The World’s First Surviving Septuplets, They Have Turned 18 Now

In 1997, a woman from Carlisle, Iowa made history by giving birth to 7 surviving babies. Her name is Bobbi McCaughey and she was 29 years old when she underwent a Caesarean section that was performed by more than 40 specialist to have Septuplets. This was the first time in the history of our country that one woman had given birth to that many surviving multiples!

In less than 10 minutes the four boys and three girls were born. The smallest baby was 2.5 pounds and the biggest baby was 3.4 pounds. It was a miracle that these children were all born alive, especially because they can 2 months premature. The healthy delivery surprised the doctors and everyone was so excited to welcome the new Septuplets into the world!

McCaughey had taken Pergonal, one of the fertility drugs, to help her conceive a child. Doctors say that the more fetuses a woman carries at once, the more risk there is that these babies will not be healthy and can be born premature, cerebral palsy, brain damage, blindness, mental retardation or other developmental problems with speech and motor skills.

The fact that McCaughey became pregnant with seven children at once was being examined and many ethical issues started to arise in the medical world. Despite ethical concerns, the Septuplets made headlines and gained nationwide support. They were able to meet president Bush when they were kindergartners and were offered free college education from several universities once they were seniors in high school.

The family has seen so much opportunity and the children are so blessed. Although having six other siblings may seem overwhelming, these kids love it and the family has stayed very close throughout all of these years! Do you think you would be able to get along with everyone if you had six other siblings?

The Septuplets have tried to stay out of the media spotlight as much as possible but have made occasional appearances to let everyone know that they are all still doing well! The have all graduated high school and are looking towards the future! The family is all still very close and they seem like an amazing group of siblings!

Watch the sweet video below to see their incredible journey and transformation into what they all look like today! They sure do look like a super sweet and amazing family! Please share the love with family and friends.