Selma Blair Says She Hopes She Can Always Be There for Her Son as She Watches Him Grow Right Before Her Eyes

by San Eli News

Actress Selma Blair continues to be open and honest as she navigates life after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Most recently, Blair took to Instagram and got emotionally honest about being a mother to her 8-year-old son Arthur Saint Bleick while recovering from a recent treatment she received for MS.

Like most moms, Blair wondered if she’ll always have the chance to be there for her son when he needs her most:

As a mom, whether strong or not so strong, I hope I can be with this child as he needs me or wants me. This is the best it gets for me. I don’t begrudge him going off to school and growing up. I welcome the days as we are here now. The days seem in the correct order of things. Right now, I save the light I have to laugh with this one. To feel the whole day and night. But when I recover, when the bone marrow makes the amount this body needs when I rebalance my body and Re learn, I will be more present with all those I cherish.

Blair continued:

But now I watch as Arthur does a full flip in the pool and widen my bleak eyes in shock. When did he get so brave. It was imperceptible. I missed the shift and then he just went and did it even as I was starting to say “that may not be safe”. So I cheered his victory. His full on confidence. And it was from a great height. I will get him in gymnastics and pray for his safety. I never had that bold side on the edge of pools. Blood and stitches were what I saw. So we aren’t just the same. Of course. And thanks for that. I imagined I would be in Paris at this age, alone and walking with a book. Stopping in the Tuileries and watching. But here I am. I still can’t grasp my good fortune. Perhaps Paris and Rome and that amazing hotel on Fogo Island Inn will wait for me. For us. I love you Arthur.

Thousands of her followers praised the mom for being so publicly vulnerable and sharing her heart with the world.

Some of the comments read:

I adore you! You are so strong.
I love you so much for sharing your heart like this.
Truly my hero. You are so beautiful inside and out.
You and Arthur are so blessed to have each other. Isn’t it so incredible to see your child be willing to do things you never dreamed you could? […] It leaves me in awe. You are such an amazing mom and I can’t wait to see all that you do together as you recover. I know you are there for him always, no matter what.