Scruffy mutts give their owners a ruff time trying to avoid a clean-up

THESE mutts gave their owners a ruff time as they tried to avoid a clean-up.

One mucky pup even suspended himself above the bath-time suds in this gallery of soap-dodging doggies posted online.

This dog clings on for dear life over the bathtubCredit: refer to caption
Another tiny corgi puppy was given a good wash behind the ears in the kitchen sink.

And a soaking chihuahua gave his owner a stern look as he steered clear of the water by standing on two legs.

Some of the pooches seemed to enjoy getting their bellies washed, with one rolling his eyes to the back of his head with enjoyment.

Most looked a little hounded to be getting a dunking. It sure is a dog’s life.

A pooch stands on his hind legs to avoid getting wetCredit: refer to caption