Say her name: $25,000 reward for information relating to the the shooting of a 10 year old girl

CHICAGO, IL- A reward for information that leads to the arrest of a Chicago gunman has been upped to $25,000. The suspect shot a 10-year-old girl four times while she was playing in a local park.

La’Mya Sparks and her older sister were playing in Russell Square Park on Chicago’s South Side on Wednesday at around 8:15 PM when an argument broke out between two groups in the area. One of the groups left, but a gunman later returned and fired multiple shots into a crowd of people in the park.

The unidentified shooter struck La’Mya several times in the back as she ran away. The 10-year-old was rushed to Comer Children’s Hospital in serious condition. La’Mya’s mother, Shawnta Williams, says that her daughter suffered bullet wounds in her liver, kidney, gall bladder, and intestines.

The 10-year-old girl is still in the intensive care unit following the shooting.

La’Mya‘s father, Lawrence Sparks, spoke to NBC 5 regarding the gunman and said:

“Whoever this guy is, it was senseless. He shot a kid. He shot in a park where kids are.”

Lawrence Sparks also talked to ABC 7 where he gave detailed about the condition of his young daughter:

“She’s hurting. She’s hurting. She’s up two minutes. She can only talk for about two minutes. Play a game for two minutes. Look at her cell phone for two minutes and she’s right back asleep.”

La’Mya has had multiple surgeries and sustained severe damage to her liver. The young girl is still on a feeding tube and experiencing a lot of pain.

La’Mya’s mother also spoke about her condition with Fox 32 saying:

“We hope she gets back to herself.”

She went on to say that La’Mya loved to eat despite being forced to use a feeding tube now. Williams‘ added:

“That’s not her — and it’s all because of this senseless act of gun violence.”

Williams later said that she hopes that the gunman is found:

“They put four holes in her… I really hope the people involved get caught.”

Now, members of the community are coming together to help find the shooter. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that community activist Andrew Holmes and Father Michael Pfleger announced a $4,000 reward for anyone with information regarding the shooting. But, in a miraculous turn of events, an anonymous donor contributed $21,000 to the reward fund. The reward sum now stands at $25,000 for information about La’Mya‘s shooter.

Unfortunately, child shootings are far too common in Chicago, The Chicago Sun-Times reports that in September alone three kids were shot in the city:

  • “Sept. 21, another 10-year-old girl was shot while seated in a car on the West Side. The girl and two adults in the car were treated for gunshot wounds.
  • Sept. 7, 8-year-old Dajore Wilson died after she and two others were shot in Canaryville. Someone shot into their car from a nearby SUV, police said.
  • Sept. 5, a 4-year-old boy and a woman were wounded in a drive-by in Gresham on the South Side.”

The suspect that shot La’Mya Sparks is still roaming the streets. If you have any information that could lead to their arrest please submit a tip through the Chicago Police Department.