Ryan Reynolds’ Wholesome Reply To This Pic Of A Burn Victim Cosplaying Deadpool Goes Viral Interview

Ryan Reynolds once again proved that he’s a good human being and that playing a superhero can inspire fans to do great things and to live better lives. The actor is getting praise all over the internet for his wholesome response to burn victim Jadiant’s inspirational Instagram post.

Jadiant dressed up as Deadpool, the superhero that Reynolds played on the silver screen, did a split and tagged the actor in his post. According to the young man living in Millington, Tennessee, Deadpool has made him feel much more confident about showing his real, authentic self to the world without any shame or holding back.Jadiant, whose real name is John Quinn, told Bored Panda that it was very emotional to get a response from Ryan. “As a guy who usually keeps things in, this really did it for me.” Scroll down for our full interview with Jadiant about his life philosophy and how important it is to find humor in every single moment.

“My idol Ryan Reynolds saw who I am, he knows I exist. He saw how much work I put into that moment. And now? Well, I can die in peace,” 21-year-old Jadiant said.

He added that Ryan caught him completely off guard because he didn’t expect him to reply at all. “I felt reborn, holy crap. I thought I was dreaming.”

Jadiant told us a bit more about what he currently does. He’s an ambassador, champion, and influencer for the Courageous Faces Foundation which he feels extremely passionate about. It’s an organization that’s dedicated to improving the quality of life for people who are living with rare and severe medical conditions, whether due to traumatic injury, illness, or genetics.

“I work, I drive, I have my own car, I am a model, and a speaker. I also attend college. My main passion though is the Courageous Faces Foundation. I love this Foundation and really want everyone to know about it! If they could donate just $1 or $5 to it, that’d mean the world to me, the more the merrier. Our mission statement is to help give a better quality of life for people with rare or severe conditions like myself, which is even more important than ever during this pandemic. A lot of them are at higher risk.”

“Our biggest enemy is ourselves”

He also had some heart-to-heart advice for anyone who’s going through a difficult time right now and feels lost in these tough times.

“There is no right solution that fits everyone in their suffering. I’d say it’s important to remember these feelings, and validate them, but don’t stay in them. Often times, it’s easier to give in to despair and not care. But I just want you to beware our biggest enemy is ourselves. We never really grow up, we just learn how to parent our inner child.”

He continued: “So I’d say try practicing self-compassion, and really being a good friend to yourself like you would a best friend of yours going through a hard time. Iroh, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, has taught me that, “Sometimes the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else with theirs.” Truly, denying yourself and helping others can be very rewarding. It’s important to not wallow in our sadness if we can muster enough courage to do so. That’s why it’s important to have friends and a support system.”

John loves to laugh and to make others laugh

Jadiant revealed that he tries to find humor in every moment, no matter how painful it might be. “Some people can’t take the heat, but obviously I could—to the third degree at least. I just want people to know how much easier your life becomes when you stop being offended and find the laughter in life. Ryan Reynolds has been a huge factor in that realization for me. It’s not a coping mechanism, it’s who I am, and I love to laugh. I love to make people laugh, and if you get heartburn after reading this, it just means I’ve touched your heart.”

Jadiant is also a bodybuilder, speakerburn thriver,’ and he’s a med student, planning to graduate in 2023.

John doesn’t hide the story of how he got burned when he was just 4 years old, he’s very open about it. In 2003, he suffered 95 percent burns to his body, barely clung to life, and has endured more than 100 operations since then. He was burned while playing in a barn behind his family home when his dog knocked over a candle used for light.

His sister, Leah, pulled John out of the fire. Doctors thought he wouldn’t make it through the night, but he survived. He was placed into a coma for 6 months, successfully completed his physical therapy when he woke up, and has been living life to the fullest ever since despite the bullying he had to face.

John says that his experience has made him a more caring person and uses what happened to him to motivate others. “No one deserves to be unhappy in the way they look, because we’re all beautifully unique. Just sometimes other flowers get more colors (like us, people who have gone through tragedy) and we just don’t think we fit in with the rest of the flowers. But the truth is, we are the most beautiful of all the flowers. So embrace your different colors, you’re pretty, there’s no one else like you,” he said.

Here’s how people reacted to John’s post and Ryan’s response