Retired NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., His Wife, and 1-Year-Old Daughter Survive Fiery Plane Crash

Dale Earnhardt Jr., his wife, and their 1-year-old daughter were involved in a plane crash on August 15.

According to reports, the retired NASCAR driver, his family, and two pilots were on the airplane when it crashed upon landing and burst into flames.

Earnhardt Jr.’s sister, Kelley Earnhardt, took to Twitter following the crash to confirm the accident and let his fans know that everyone had survived.

She wrote:

I can confirm Dale, Amy & Isla along with his two pilots were involved in a crash in Bristol TN this afternoon. Everyone is safe and has been taken to the hospital for further evaluation. We have no further information at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

As People reports, the crash occurred at Elizabethton Municipal Airport. An official told the magazine that Dale and his wife Amy were taken to the hospital via ambulance, out of an “abundance of caution.” However, it’s believed that neither Dale or Amy suffered serious injury. Their daughter Isla’s condition is unclear.

According to News Channel 9, Earnhardt owns the plane that crashed. A statement issued by the FFA read:

“A Cessna Citation rolled off the end of runway 24 and caught fire after landing at Elizabethton Municipal Airport in Tennessee at 3:40 p.m. today.”

Elizabethton Fire Department Chief Barry Carrier told NASCAR that those aboard the flight were “lucky to escape.” The family’s dog, which was also on the plane, also survived:

“They were very lucky. The plane is pretty much destroyed.”

News Channel 9 also reports that Earnhardt Jr. has since been released from the hospital and was seen leaving with a police escort. It wasn’t made clear if his family was with him or not.

Earnhardt Jr. was expected to cover a race this weekend for NBC Sports. However, in a statement released on Twitter, Earnhardt Jr. will no longer be working that event.

The statement reads:

“We’re incredibly grateful that Dale, his wife Amy, daughter Isla, and the two pilots are safe following today’s accident. After being discharged from the hospital, we communicated with Dale and his team, and we’re all in agreement that he should take this weekend off to be with his family. We look forward to having him back in the booth next month at Darlington.”

Earnhardt Jr. has yet to make a statement of his own.