Pregnant Mom, 24, Tied Up and Burned Alive Inside Car by Married Lover and His Wife

by San Eli News

For an expecting mom, nothing is ever more exciting than finally meeting your baby. But for this pregnant mom, her pregnancy will end in tragedy. The 24-year-old victim met a gruesome death after being deliberately burned alive inside her car.
The pregnant mom was identified as Ellen Priscila Ferreira da Silva from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her burnt body and that of her passenger, Ely Carlos dos Santos, aged 39, were discovered inside the car. Both da Silva and Santos did not survive the fire.
According to Newsweek, their bodies were found after da Silva’s family members recognized the car, which belonged to her mother. The vehicle was found in a remote area on October 17.
Suspect’s boyfriend and 3 others arrested
Investigators suspected four people, including three men, ages 19, 35, and 38, and a woman, age 36, with links to the crime scene. Among the four suspects was the father of da Silva’s unborn child.
According to police reports, da Silva’s boyfriend was married, and his pregnant wife was also arrested in connection to the gruesome murder.

The car where 24-year old Ellen Priscila Ferreira da Silva and Ely Carlos dos Santos were found dead, after they were burnt alive in the rural area of Coroados. (Policia Civil/Newsflash)
During interrogation, the woman and the 19-year-old man confessed to the crime. However, the boyfriend and the other man preferred to keep their silence.
In an interview with the local media, Paulo de Tarso, the lead investigator assigned to the case, claimed that the crime might have been premeditated.
“It was a premeditated and very cruel crime. The victim was four months pregnant by one of the suspects, who is married. One of the suspects even personally comforted the victim’s mother after her death was confirmed.”
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Revenge, crime of passion, or drug debt?
According to investigators, they are currently looking into three possible motives behind this merciless killing.

The pregnant mom might have refused to get an abortion, which angered her boyfriend, whose legal wife was also carrying a child. According to the wife, she knew that her husband’s mistress was pregnant.
In addition to that, they are also looking for links to drugs. The victims might have been in debt to a drug dealer, among the four suspects arrested.
Description: The 24-year old Ellen Priscila Ferreira da Silva who was four months pregnant and was found dead after she was burned alive in a car in the rural area of Coroados. (Photo: Newsflash)
Suspect tried to cover-up his crime
Initially, before being considered one of the suspects, the boyfriend concocted a fake story for the police. On the day of the crime, he claimed that unknown assailants had also attacked him.
However, the reason he was not inside the car when it burned was that he allegedly fainted. He also bore marks and bruises on his body. After discovering the victims’ bodies, he even approached da Silva’s mother to comfort her.
Investigators did not buy his story. Later on, he confessed that he lied, and his wounds were self-inflicted. As of now, all four suspects are currently detained.
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